CleverCleaner 2.0.0beta1 has been released

Bug Fixes

  • Assigned dialog resize limit
  • Prevented CC from closing during search/delete process


  • Changed icon set
  • Enabled XP/Vista look and feel
  • Enhanced “Options”-dialog
  • Enhanced “Select Files”-dialog
  • Enhanced “Deleted Files”-dialog
  • Improved recycle bin handling
  • Removed additional option “Favorites”
  • Removed additional option “0-byte-files”
  • Removed additional option “Run-list”
  • Removed additional option “Unnecessary dll-files”
  • Replaced option files with one xml file
  • Rewritten search algorithm

New features

  • Added autorun feature
  • Added complete Windows Vista support
  • Added directory exception list (wildcards)
  • Added Apple Safari support
  • Added Mozilla Firefox support
  • Added option to shred file instead of just removing them
  • Added option to disable searching after file search masks
  • Added multi drive select support
  • Added wildcard support to file exception list


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