How to use the CC autorun feature

A few months ago I have been asked to add a autorun feature to CleverCleaner to start the cleaning process automatically. That would be helpful to start CleverCleaner for instance from within a login.bat file.

This feature has been added to CleverCleaner Version 2. CleverCleaner now provides the following command line options:
/f Path-To-Configuration-File

With the /f option, you can specify a particular cc.xml configuration file on your system.
If you set the option /autorun, CleverCleaner will be opened minimized and start the cleaning process automatically. If the option “Display conformation dialog” is disabled, CleverCleaner will automatically delete the found files and then disappear silently.

CleverCleaner.exe /autorun
CleverCleaner.exe /f C:cc.xml /autorun

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