Diodon 0.5.0 and what to do when diodon does not start

Finally, the instant paste feature is available in a stable release and enabled by default. But no worries if you do not like it you can still disable it in the preferences.

When you suffer from the issue that Diodon does not start anymore, this new release might help you as well. There was an issue that Diodon did not handle some UTF-8 strings correctly what led to Diodon not starting. This issue is fixed in this release.

However it brought up the question what you can do when you suffer from a different issue which causes Diodon not to start either. (although I hope this will never happen to you).

Firstly checkout out the post After updating to Natty: Why has Diodon stopped working?.

If that is not the case on your machine another way is to remove (resp. move) the history file. You can do that with following command:
mv ~/.local/share/diodon/storage.xml ~/.local/share/diodon/storage.xml.old

Start diodon again. Hope you are lucky and it will work. However please file a bug on https://bugs.launchpad.net/diodon and attach the storage.xml.old file.

If diodon still does not start please still file a bug. Run Diodon on the console and add the output to the bug report.

Hope you will get happy with the new Diodon version. If not please let me know ;).

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