Diodon 0.6.0 released and how to build it on your preferred distribution

The last stable release of Diodon had been released quite a while ago. However the development has been going on and major changes now are ready to be released. Some of the changes have been discussed in this blog post

However here is a quick overview what has changed and what needs to be taken care of:

Release notes:

  • Diodon has been updated to gtk+-3.0 and therefore runs only on Oneiric (or all other distributions supporting gtk+-3.0).
  • gconf has been replaced with GSettings/dconf. All settings (except the history) will be lost after installing this version and need to be set again
  • Unity Lens is not installed per default anymore. Install the package diodon-plugins and activate it in the preferences plugins tab. When building from source use ./waf configure –enable-unitylens-plugin to enable it.
  • The Application Indicator is now also a plugin which is enabled by default. The plugin can be disabled in the preferences however.


  • Implement plugin system using libpeas (LP: #826422)
  • Unity Lens now runs on Oneiric (LP: #830001)
  • Using libunique so only one instance can be started (LP: #870774)
  • Update to gtk+-3.0 (LP: #794637)
  • Fixed issues with gtk+-3.0 applications (LP: #879256, #875708)
  • switching to GSettings/dconf (LP: #689462)

You can install Diodon with the following commands

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:diodon-team/stable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install diodon

This release also brought about changes which should make it easier to build Diodon on your preferred distribution. It used to be the case that Diodon required packages for the Application Indicators which are unfortunately not available on all other distribution.
When Diodon is built from source just running ./waf configure such packages will still be needed. However you can disable it with ./waf configure --disable-indicator-plugin.
Please notice when building Diodon with this option you can only use it with the Hotkey (<Ctrl><Alt>V per default).

I would love to see packages of Diodon for other distribution as well. So go for it :).
When you struggle building Diodon please contact us.

3 thoughts on “Diodon 0.6.0 released and how to build it on your preferred distribution

  1. congrats!
    Btw, are you going to implement static entries (3 or 4 entries at the bottom of the clipboard)?

    Why don’t you allow the lens to store all the entries (even if that would means thousands)?

    1. Adding some static values to the bottom would be a good idea for a plugin. I will open up a blueprint where all possible ideas for plugins can be discussed.

      When it comes to the lens. The lens accesses the very same content the indicator does and such are limited.
      I am aware that this is a limitation which is not always desired (especially when using a lens which supports filtering).

      However when using the current storage algorithm it would just use way to much memory therefore there is a limitation.
      I have been thinking about a zeitgeist integration which might solve this issue. I will have to do some more research on that.

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