When will Diodon be stable for Oneiric?

I have found a few request in my Inbox today pointing out this question. I’m very happy to hear that so many are keen to use a stable Diodon version on Oneiric. I can tell you: So am I ;).

However I hope this blog post will clarify why Diodon is not already available for Oneiric in the stable ppa.

Firstly, you might say, the easiest and safest way would be to build and upload the latest stable release 0.5.0 for Oneiric. Yes it would be. Unfortunately, due to API changes in Unity this version does not even compile.

Such compile errors have been fixed while updating to a new plugin system. However this has brought about a lot of refactoring and therefore needs good testing. (read more about it on this blog post).

So before a stable release will be available, I need some more feedback of testers whether the new version has any regression or bugs.

For this checkout the daily ppa. Leave a comment on this post if everything runs smoothly or otherwise report a bug.

You can also take a look at the milestone 0.6.0 for an overview of open issues which need to be fixed before the stable release.

I’m working hard so a stable Diodon version will be available for Oneiric as soon as possible.

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