What’s new on the Diodon front?

The development on Diodon has been continuing and I’m happy to introduce you to a new feature which makes accessing the indicator easier.

The idea for this has come from fatlp. Thanks a lot for this. You can find all details about it on this blueprint.

Up to today, when you wanted to access the indicator with your keyboard, you pressed and released <Ctrl><Alt>V and then used the arrows up and down following with Enter to choose a clipboard item.
This will still work in future releases. However in the new release (which is currently available in the daily ppa for testing) you can do the following:
Press <Ctrl><Alt>V. While you keep pressing <Ctrl><Alt> you can browse through the different clipboard items by pressing V multiple times until you have selected the item you want to paste. Now release <Ctrl><Alt> and the selected item will be copied to your clipboard and pasted (when enabled).
This of course also works with your customized key. The rule is that you keep pressing the modifiers and with the key you can browse through your history.

After I have been using this new key combination a couple of times I’ve already started to love. I hope you do as well ;).

I’m happy to hear your comments.

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