Diodon available for testing in the Arch Linux User Repository

Thanks to Jose is Diodon now packaged for Arch Linux and available for testing.

If you are an Arch Linux user this is now a great opportunity to check out Diodon on your system. However note that the package is still in an early stage. So expect that the build won’t go as smooth. It also depends on libindicator3 and libappindicator3 which are also not official packages.

Even more do those packages need testing. Although I can say that I was able to build diodon on my test arch installation and that it runs smoothly.

So let’s start with the instruction how to go about getting Diodon up and running on Arch. As diodon is only available in the Arch User Repository and also depends on other AUR packages, an easy way to go about this is to use yaourt. If you haven’t installed it yet you can follow these instruction.

As soon as you have yaourt installed, you can simply run following command:

yaourt -Sy diodon

and follow the instructions. If this step has been successful you can then simply run the command diodon.

Note: If one of the package fails to compile/install, best comment directly on the package itself on AUR. When you find bugs when Diodon could start smoothly, please report those on Launchpad. There is already one bug reported specific for arch linux. If you suffer from this bug as well, please add some comments.

It is exciting to see Diodon running on other Linux distributions. So which will be the next one?

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