After long time of silence: CleverCleaner 2.1.1

CleverCleaner has been around for quite a while. And although there has not been any recent update there are many users using it every now and then. As I have been using Linux since years I have put my focus on developing applications for that platform. Recently though due to change in my job I have been using CleverCleaner more often. A great opportunity, I thought, to follow up on a maintenance release for CleverCleaner fixing some annoying bugs. I will see how often I get around to continue developing CleverCleaner. However this will also depend on what feedback I get from you guys. So if you find any bugs or have any feature request or feedback, please have a look at the support page to see how you can submit your request. Your are also always welcome to submit a translation. The current translations are not perfect either, so fell free to have a look at them and send in your corrections.

Here what has changed in version 2.1.1:

  • Changed Office configuration exception to OPA??.bak to not remove configuration files of new office versions >=2007
  • Fixed negative size of deleted files when large amount of files have been deleted.
  • Added winsxs to the directory exceptions to speed up search process
  • Added French translation

Download the new version.

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