Tunefish is no more

Ever heard of Tunefish? If not this post is most likely not for you. However if you have or are interested what it is respectively is not anymore then please keep on reading… ;).

Years ago when I still was at high school we had to write an essay on a Windows related topic. At that time I did not really know much about Linux so I did not mind as much as I would probably do today. I chose to focus on the Windows settings system mainly the Registry. In addition to the essay I also developed an application which is basically an interface to many Windows global settings available. After a while I polished this application a bit and published it as Open Source under the name “Tunefish” on SourceForge. I wrote the application in Delphi which used to be quite popular at that time. I maintained it for a while. However when I completely switched over to Linux quite some time ago I lost interest and gave it up for adoption ;). Unfortunately up to today, there is no-one who wanted to take over this project.

A few days ago when I was crawling through my current projects it occurred to me that not very often, but occasionally people still seem to download Tunefish. However, as it gives you access to many basic Windows settings and has not been tested since Windows XP SP2 it most likely will do more harm then anything else. So I have decided that I delete the project with all its files and executables altogether.

However as there might still be some valuable knowledge in the source code and its thorough documentation the Subversion repository remains for now. So please feel free to have a look at it and use it under the term of the GPLv2 or higher. If someone still wants to take over the hole project please have a look here. That would be awesome. If there is any issue with the current terms the code is licensed under, please talk to me. I am sure we find a solution.

For all former users of Tunefish I just wanted to point out that there are plenty of alternatives out there which do a similar job Tunefish used to do. If you have any other alternatives you use I am sure people would appreciate if you share them as comment on this post.

So Goodbye Tunefish. Let’s head for new shores…

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