Polishing Diodon and moving to git

Yes, Diodon is still alive and swimming through the oceans of clipboards. I have released a new version 1.6.0 today with several neat changes. I only want to highlight a few but you can find a full list here.

vi like scrolling in clipboard menu

One neat feature is the vi like scrolling in the clipboard menu. Usually when you open the clipboard menu with Ctrl+Alt+V you had to use the arrow keys up and down to browse through the list. Those arrow keys are usually far away on the keyboard and are therefore not so convenient to use. Hence the Diodon release 1.6.0 introduces additional scrolling with the letter j and k. No more moving around with your hand uncontrollably. Nice right?

Warning when in privacy mode

As described in previous blog post Diodon respects the privacy setting of the desktop environment. Even though this is a neat feature it has been confusing at times as it was not clear why clipboard items have not been added to history. Hence with this new release a warning will be shown at beginning of clipboard menu when privacy mode prevents clipboard items to be added to history. Hope this will clear up the mystery this feature had in the past.

You can either download new release as tarball or install it through the ppa with the following commands:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:diodon-team/stable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install diodon
# and for all Unity users there is also a scope
sudo apt-get install unity-scope-diodon

Moving to git and how to contribute

As Launchpad now also allows hosting of Git repositories I’ve moved the Diodon source code to git. So if you want to contribute you simply:

git clone https://git.launchpad.net/diodon

and have a look at known bugs, assign bug to you and start coding. Once you are done with your changes create a patch with the following:

git format-patch master --stdout > new-patch.patch

and attach it to the respective bug report. I hope this move will make it easier to contribute. Thanks for your contributions in advance.

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