Python Code Review Service

Recently I analyzed my OpenHub profile which I try to keep up-to-date with all contributions I have made to the different open source projects over the years. I was amazed that it has already been 15 years since my first commit to an open source project. Many commits and involvements to different projects have followed like becoming the main maintainer of Django REST framework JSON:API project or creating the Diodon Clipboard Manager to only mention two.

Open Hub profile for Oliver Sauder

During those years I have worked in several software engineering teams and reviewed loads of different pull requests and had lots of sessions and discussion how a project respectively its code can be improved. I was wondering how could I use this experience and combine it with the compassion for open source? So I stumbled upon the Fiverr platform, a place to offer or find freelance services. I have decided that I want to offer a Python Code Review service there and hopefully through this support be able to continue or strengthen my involvement in various open source projects.

So if you are curious and you have a Python project you would like to to review, check out my gigs below.

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