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CleverCleaner 2.0.0rc2 has been released

This release is a further release candidate before the Final Release. Please keep testing it and let me know, if there is a bug.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue finding Safari Cookies.


  • By default tick Windows drive instead of executable drive.
  • Updated to dxgettext version 1.2.2.
  • Updated German translation.
  • Updated English translation.

New features

  • Added Japanese translation (Thanks to Tilt).


Translate CleverCleaner into your own language

If you want to translate CleverCleaner into your own language, at first you need the current gettext-language file (default.pot) which you can get here.
Now, although you can translate this file with any text editor, I would recommend you use poedit which makes it easier to translate it. After you have installed and started poedit, you can just create a new catalog and follow the instructions.
As soon as you have translated CleverCleaner, you can send the new translation file (.po) to the Patch Tracker so that it can be implemented.