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CleverCleaner 2.0.0rc1 has been released

This release fixes all known issues with CleverCleaner 2.0.0 and might be the first and last release candidate of Version 2 if no critical bug is discovered on somebody’s system.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed opera detection on Win9x/Win2k systems. (BT#1905268)
  • Replaced 32bit-exclamation-icon with 16bit-bitmap to avoid problems on Win9x/Win2k systems.
  • Fixed parsing xml file issue with empty tags.


  • Disabled run button if no drive is selected.


How to use the CC autorun feature

A few months ago I have been asked to add a autorun feature to CleverCleaner to start the cleaning process automatically. That would be helpful to start CleverCleaner for instance from within a login.bat file.

This feature has been added to CleverCleaner Version 2. CleverCleaner now provides the following command line options:
/f Path-To-Configuration-File

With the /f option, you can specify a particular cc.xml configuration file on your system.
If you set the option /autorun, CleverCleaner will be opened minimized and start the cleaning process automatically. If the option “Display conformation dialog” is disabled, CleverCleaner will automatically delete the found files and then disappear silently.

CleverCleaner.exe /autorun
CleverCleaner.exe /f C:cc.xml /autorun

Testing CC beta version

After a long period of developing a complete new CleverCleaner version, the first beta edition is now out there. I have been testing CleverCleaner on many different systems but I cannot test anything. So before I’m going to release the first release candidate of CleverCleaner Version 2 it would be great if as many people as possible could test the new version and report found bugs in the Bug Tracker.

If you need any further information about how to support respectively get support, read the new support page.

CleverCleaner 2.0.0beta1 has been released

Bug Fixes

  • Assigned dialog resize limit
  • Prevented CC from closing during search/delete process


  • Changed icon set
  • Enabled XP/Vista look and feel
  • Enhanced “Options”-dialog
  • Enhanced “Select Files”-dialog
  • Enhanced “Deleted Files”-dialog
  • Improved recycle bin handling
  • Removed additional option “Favorites”
  • Removed additional option “0-byte-files”
  • Removed additional option “Run-list”
  • Removed additional option “Unnecessary dll-files”
  • Replaced option files with one xml file
  • Rewritten search algorithm

New features

  • Added autorun feature
  • Added complete Windows Vista support
  • Added directory exception list (wildcards)
  • Added Apple Safari support
  • Added Mozilla Firefox support
  • Added option to shred file instead of just removing them
  • Added option to disable searching after file search masks
  • Added multi drive select support
  • Added wildcard support to file exception list